Veteran's Day: A Time To Honor Duped Murderers?

When one is called to defend one's home and family, it is not really courage that is required, it is a sense of duty. If my home is under attack, if my family is in danger, it is proper and fitting that I defend them and not expect someone else to put their life at risk for my home and family.


When one is called to defend one's nation, the same sense of duty is conjured. Unfortunately, the calls to defend this nation have been issued on false information in EVERY WAR THE US EVER FOUGHT. The delusion that the US military is defending our home and our nation can be put to the lie with one simple fact: You do not defend your home by going next door and killing your neighbor. That is what our military does. There has never been a war, defending from foreign aggressors, the land that we call "ours" since we "won" independence from England (and stole from the Native Americans and Mexicans, but that is another topic.)


I am sick of pretending that a person who joins today's army is a hero. They are a mercenary at best, and a murderer looking for legitimate employment at worst. The history of US aggression against peaceful nations is long and disgusting. The attack on the passenger ship the "Lusitania" was used to drag us into WW1, and it turns out the ship WAS full of military equipment after all. The passengers were murdered to rile the citizens and get them hungry for war. The citizens obliged. It worked so well the government used that trick over and over, and they are still at it today. The news is full of posturing to go to war with Iran. Iran, who has not attacked another nation in over 100 years, is supposed to be this grave danger to our freedom. Well, the joke is on us, we have no meaningful freedom left.

Here is a nice link to a brief history of the lies used to wage war around the world at YOUR expense:


I do not want to kill anyone. I do not want anyone to kill anyone pretending they are "protecting" me unless the attacker is IN MY HOUSE. (That is where the US soldiers are, IN THE HOMES of Iraqi and Afghan people.) I have tried to honor their heart, the thing that made them willing to risk their life for others. But they are WRONG and I will no longer defend them in any way. Defending is acceptable, but the US Military is NOT defending the US by going to OTHER nations and invading and occupying them. They are empire building and war mongering. I do not support that, and I only pay taxes out of fear of imprisonment (extortion) because I believe it is my MORAL duty to NOT fund these wars. It is a sad statement on US "freedom" when I cannot behave morally out of fear for my liberty.


Veterans' Day was signed into "legal holiday" status by Eisenhower. Rather ironic, in light of his dire warnings against the military industrial complex. It seems he felt pressured to honor immoral behavior, too. It is hard to draw the line between good men and women who have been deliberately duped into fearing an enemy that does not really exist and the behavior they engage in due to that fear. So today, I do not honor Veterans who served, I honor the draft dodgers and the peace activists and the INCREDIBLY brave men who went to war and came back and TOLD US THE TRUTH. What they had to face about their own actions is no small task - we all want to believe that we make good decisions and behave morally, and it takes true strength of character to admit one was lied to and used, and then to stand and call out the liars.

I still support the individuals who are caught in the military machinery, they are people who deserve better. I DO NOT SUPPORT WAR or anyone who is stealing money from me to wage it.


If you are in the military, STOP KILLING PEOPLE IN MY NAME AND WITH MY MONEY. You are responsible for your actions, you KNOW there were no "weapons of mass destruction" and you know bin Laden was a CIA agent and you know Iran is no threat to you o9r me or this land we call home. The enemy uis domestic now, and if you are in the Middle East you are leaving your home and family defenseless. Shame on you. It was the men in the trenches who finally ended Viet Nam, it is up to the men and women in the desert to end the US invasion and occupation of the Middle east.


Today, I honor:

My brother Gordon who thought he was headed to Viet Nam, and did not want to go. Not wanting to kill strangers was a good thing.

My second cousin Tristan who volunteered after 9-11 then was killed in an unarmored Humvee by an IED.He will not kill any more strangers now.

My friend Blayne who served and now speaks truth and defends peace. He's trying to stop the killing of strangers in general.

Adam Kokesh for relentlessly and publicly speaking out against the wars.

Scott Olsen who stood and put his life on the line for peace on US soil.

Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Veterans For Peace.

Smedley Butler who tried to warn us all.

Every man who dodged the draft in the name of peace (not out of cowardice like GWBush.)

I am sure there are good men and women in uniform, but it is time to fight for peace MORE aggressively than you ever fought a war. If you REALLY want your home and family safe, then get to Oakland or Wall Street and start fighting the domestic enemy that is about to destroy any last shred of liberty the US citizens enjoy.


If you or someone you know is about to join the military because they cannot get a job, PLEASE remind them that there are jobs with the Mafia and Bloods and Cryps where you get to murder people and make serious money, If they are compelled by some sense of duty, please show them the history of false flag attacks by our government on our citizens.


And if you or anyone you knows thinks Israel is our ally, please learn about the USS Liberty. Then do a little research and look and see how many Israel / US dual citizens sit in places of extreme power in the US government, and how many of them are current or former CEO's of the banks that are stealing our homes from us.


The US government has been overthrown by bankers whose first loyalty is to Israel, not the US. If soldiers and Veterans had truly defended the US from the actual invasion of our nation, we would not be at endless war with Israel's enemies, we would be engaged in peaceful trade throughout the world with our friends and allies.


How about a holiday celebrating peace? I know, everyone wishes for "Peace on Earth" at Christmas, but then when Jesus does not leave it under the tree for them they give up on it. At least they got some flashy electronic war simulation games for the kids - that will make everyone happy and lead to a better world any day now, I am sure....

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Comment by Terry Bain on November 11, 2011 at 6:48pm

I am very uncomfortable with labelling veterans (like Scott Olsen, among many others) as a "Duped Murderer." I try to refuse to pass judgement on people when I have no idea what their motivation may be.  Perhaps we can all agree to celebrate Armistice Day.

An Armistice is derived, according to Wikipedia from the Latin arma (Weapons) and stitium (stopping .) Wikipedia defines Armistice Day as the anniversary of the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front, officially ending World War I. Peace broke out on the “11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.” 


Comment by fishychick on November 11, 2011 at 8:00pm

Terry, We are what we are. I was a duped drug dealer for a while - about 20 years. I thought I was doing honorable work, I helped a LOT of people. But I also was a stooge for the pharmaceutical industry. Facing our demons is how we become better people. I am uncomfortable with blind "support the troops" mentality. I first heard "Universal Soldier" when I was about 4, and I got it then. Truth is not always comfortable, but it is worth facing so that we may build a better future.


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