9/11 Forest – Come Out of the Trees!

9/11 Forest – Come Out of the Trees!

by Amaterasu Solar



In reviewing 9/11 discussions I watch as each weird, improbable tree is pointed to and the 9/11 apologists start hacking it down, nearly always, in the end, saying something on the order of, “Yeah, it was unlikely, but not impossible, so, yeah, it just happened that way.” 

So I stand back and look at the forest.  Here We have all these odd things, and I am reluctant to name them, giving fodder to the apologists to start wielding Their hatchets, but will say We all are truly aware that some mighty “coincidental” things happened on and surrounding that day. 

In looking at this forest, I start adding the trees and the probabilities that each would occur – I would mention the fact that for the first time in history not one, not two, but THREE high-rise buildings came down because of fire, but those darned apologists will land blows consisting of words like, “Those buildings were different,” or “The impact of the planes weakened the towers and…building number seven was…different,” or equally apologetic words.  I could mention the missing gold…but apologists will move in with steely-edged demands like, “Prove there was any gold.”   I would be asked to prove that I saw a news cast in the week that followed of the forensics team complaining about being taken to a room with a table filled with hand-picked “evidence” and being told to “do Their job.”  And so on.  And on.  And…on. 

So I’m adding the probabilities, the put options, the military exercise, the fall into footprints at virtually freefall speeds, the lack of images from the Pentagon – one of the most highly surveilled building in the world – except six frames of nothing, the explosions and squibs, and on and on.  Wow.  When I add the many probabilities together from all these weirdnesses and figure out what the probability is that all of these things would happen on and surrounding that one day…I am staggered.  To say that it is astronomical is an understatement, if the official story is true. 

And then…  I decide to plug in the presumption that it was an inside job.  Suddenly, that forest doesn’t look so improbable at all.  Why, the probabilities approach 1:1. 

One last improbability I will throw out – to bait those apologists [grin] – that being that, whenever I have watched the news, if something unexpected happens and the press gets wind of a culprit, They ALWAYS say something on the order of, “We have a report that So-and-so was responsible, but We will know more in the weeks to come as the investigation continues.”  But on THAT day, by the time the sun went down, Osama bin Laden was accused, tried and convicted in the press.  How odd.  An investigation was rarely mentioned.  How VERY odd…


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Comment by Johnny Stroud on July 12, 2012 at 7:31pm

Yes, so many coincidences & such a rush to ship the wreckage off, with no preservation or investigation of the greatest crime scene ever in our history.


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