Activists protest JP Morgan Chase CEO at shareholder meeting in Tampa


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Activists protest JP Morgan Chase CEO at shareholder meeting in Tampa  


photo by Janelle Irwin



Shareholders approved JP-Morgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon’s $23 million pay package and his chairmanship at their annual meeting in Tampa today. His admission that the company was at fault for losing billions on a bad investment prompted calls from several shareholders to install a new chair. When that didn’t happen, it added fuel to the already burning fire outside where dozens of protesters gathered to speak out against what they say is the company’s flawed business practices.

“The man that just lost them minimum $2 billion that’s probably over time going to end up over time losing $4 billion gets a pay raise basically – or keeps a pay raise.”

David Wasman, an
Occupy Orlandoactivist, just can’t understand why shareholders aren’t holding him accountable .

"How? Why? What is wrong with people? Why wasn’t any body in that meeting standing up, fighting back? Why wasn’t any body standing up screaming? Because that’s ridiculous. The man makes more than an entire family home would make in probably days. That’s ridiculous. Nobody should…it’s an exorbitant amount of money.”






Gallery: Protesters Stand Against JP Morgan Chase


The Occupy movements of Tampa and Orlando joined forces with local advocates to voice their displeasure with JP Morgan Chase executives at their annual meeting in Tampa.

By David Rice


A game called "Vegas Banker" referred to Chase CEO Jamie Dimon as gambling away other people's money. The reward for throwing the inflatable dice was the chance to throw an egg at pictures of Dimon seen here.

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