Ann Coulter on Occupy Wall Street: This is What 'Beginning of Totalitarianism' Looks Like

The Blaze
October 4, 2011

I guess you could imagine a chant with Ann Coulter going something like this:

Show me what totalitarianism looks like!

This is what totalitarianism looks like!

That’s because the fiery conservative commentator had a theory on the Wall St. protesters. According to her, the kind of anti-capitalism rhetoric coming from the participants mirrors the beginning of “totalitarianism.”

“All of those quotes could have been said in 1789 in France before the French Revolution, or the Russian Revolution, or with only slight modifications when the Nazis were coming to power, in Cuba under Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela,” she told Fox host Eric Bolling. “This is always the beginning of totalitarianism.”

When Bolling asked if the comments could also be heard in an Obama cabinet meeting, Coulter agreed, pointing out that Democrats “love mob uprisings” because “it’s their path to power.”

You can watch her comments below, which also include some thoughts on Michael Moore and his claim that Capitalism destroyed his city:


Fox News Launches An All Out Assault Against Occupy Wall Street

Commentary by Mike Rivero


Occupy Wall Street has grown and now Fox News is stepping up their attacks. The network of the 1% has spent multiple segments today claiming that the protesters are idiotic and don’t understand how the world works.


Actually, we do understand how the world works. We understand that a private central bank issuing the public currency at interest is a means to enslave the people with debt; to return us to the very sort of banking systems this nation fought a revolution to be free of, only to be sold back into such slavery by a corrupted Congress and a corrupted President.

We understand that the media's job has not been to inform the public, but to conceal from the public this monstrous swindle, to teach us over and over that the Federal Reserve is the only possible system of banking; that the nation has always used this system, and that we have always been at war with Eastasia!


This is a call to Rivero's Rangers to share with everyone you know who is still a mind-slave of the corporate media what you have learned about the 11th marble, and about how a corrupt government sold you into slavery to a banking system that by design always creates more debt than currency, so that you can never escape (so long as you believe in the fantasy the schools brainwashed you to believe.) The corporate media is pulling out all the stops to lie the public back into the clutches of the money-junkies. Only you can stop them. Do not wait for orders, but grab thy smart-phones and hurry towards the sounds of battle!

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