Arrests Begin As Protests of "Hundreds" Hit BofA in NYC, Charlotte, Detroit

This week, shareholders and protesters alike are descending on Bank of America in Charlotte to voice their displeasure--although the displeasure of the latter group may be a bit more radical in nature. From the News Observer:

In Charlotte, protesters are expected to demand a complete halt to foreclosures, forgiveness of student loan debt, a stop to financing coal projects, an end to political spending and an end to seven-figure compensation packages.

Meanwhile, Protests are hitting BofA branches around the country. In New York city, a direct action took place which included, according to a press release, a "large 6 foot Bank of America "person" with four 6 foot arms. Each arm represents one of Bank of America's crimes - foreclosure, dodging taxes, investing in payday loans/ dirty coal/ private prisons, and "buying" elections.

According to onlookers, hundreds hit the streets:

Today's planned direct action--blocking traffic--has already led to arrests:

Here's a picture from journalist Sally Kohn:

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