When we are taught to fear God we are embracing fear for life....Embrace the God spirit that is in everyone of us...Do not fear it...The temple of God is your Heart...Its meant only to love...Fix Your hearts Unite as one That is our Power of God and The divine plan of God...When all come back to Love and stop fearing The God spirit within ourselves... Our lives will Change... Divided We Fall United We Stand...The evil plan...>DIVIDE AND CONQUER...Reconnect Through our hearts LOVE GOD AND THE UNIVERSE AS WE ARE ALL ONE GODS SPIRIT IN MANY BODIES...CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD WHICH IS LOVE...SO BE LOVE..WE CAME FROM ONE ...WE MUST RETURN TO ONE IN ORDER TO CHANGE OUR WORLD...CHANGE BEGINS WITHIN MOVE BACK INTO YOUR HEARTS THINK WITH YOUR HEARTS AND LOVE EACH OTHER. FORGIVE YOURSELF AND LOVE YOURSELF...BY cc Thats Me Yasmin...

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