Begin with the premise that You were born without Your consent*, without You agreeing to the way things are being done around You.  Through experience, You learn that consenting to certain things gives better results than refusal, and You are conditioned to consent to many things without asking Yourself if it’s truly something You WANT to give consent to.

You are told, “Here is how the world works.  You must learn what We teach, You must obey the “laws,” You must find a way to add Your energy in exchange for tokens – and good luck getting lots of tokens for Your energy.”  You are told that the reason is because that is how a functioning “free” society works.  Without stepping back and asking if all that is the best way We could do things, You accept, and even defend these elements as sacrosanct.

That the idea of doing things differently is quashed, and avoided in schools, is a sign that someOne doesn’t want You to go outside that box.

And You give what is called implied consent to Them, since You’re not suggesting something different but accepting the system, struggling within that system which is designed to keep this way of doing things in place.  You do things like petition for betterment, and locally, it seems to work, but nationally petitions are quashed.  By petitioning, You consent to the system You are begging to.  You say, “I grant You the authority to act on My behalf within this system which I consent to.”

You register – root regis meaning “king” or “of the king” – to vote.  Again, You are saying with implied consent, “I accept a lower position to the top of this system, and am granted a voice in the throngs down here with Me.”

You exchange in legal tender – which is Their currency – and not lawful money, which no unEthical use of is acceptable and no tax can be placed upon.

The first step to withdrawing consent is to see what We have been consenting to for what it is.  We have the “twin towers” to psychopaths in power.  The first “tower” is a top-down controlmind (government).  Such social structures, where Some are given power over Others, draw psychopaths far more than Those to whom power over Others is not extremely attractive, said power being highly prized by the psychopaths amongst Us.

The second “tower” is accounting for the energy Each of Us adds to the “economy.”  The “economy” is in place to ensure the flow of the wealth on this planet to very few, leaving just enough at the bottom to keep the flow of Our energy to Them.  Money equals power, We all know, and that money/power draws and promotes the psychopaths in Our society.  They will choose to do absolutely anything to get and keep power over Others.  Absolutely anything.

It would seem then that withdrawing consent from promoting Our psychopaths to power over Us is the better choice We could make.

The next step in withdrawing consent is to have something better to consent to.

What would We replace the psychopath’s ladder of controlmind with?  Perhaps We should look to how societies in nature govern themselves…  In nature, societies all have autonomous Individuals that, based on seed parameters, react and respond to information Each encounters.  This is called stigmergy.  Rather than constrict Our natural stigmergy with a top-down system of psychopaths pushing Us around, We should solve problems within the three Laws of Ethics, bottom up.  The development of the interweb has given Us an avenue to that approach on a planetary scale.

And what would We do to facilitate the flow of needed and desired goods?  Accounting for Our energy began when Human energy was scarce.  Psychopaths enslaved Many to make use of Their energy.  Today, energy from the aether is available (though presently hidden in black projects and patent suppression) in vast abundance, and with robots to do any work We need done but have no One, or not enough Individuals, wanting to do the work, We could fill in with robots while not forcing Any of Us to give up something We want to do.  In turn, this would give the abundance of this planet to all of Us.

With effectively infinite energy available, accounting for Our energy becomes quite pointless.

With a stigmergic governance, solving problems and not passing “laws” which can create far more problems than they are claiming to solve, and no motive to profit, with the true freedom to create as We love to do – whether that is going fishing, dancing, studying, investigating, suggesting, organizing, traveling, singing, painting, designing, cooking, knitting, responding to emergencies, making movies, climbing mountains, diving the oceans…  With this in place, with a Betterment Ethic in place of the work “ethic,” sane ideas will emerge and not the insane ones forced upon Us.

The third step to withdrawing consent is to make proclamation.  “I withdraw My consent.”  Make it known to all Your circles.  Let Them know You consent only to better than the systems presently in place.  I suggest losing the name given to You and choose Your own.  If need be, become the Sole Authorized Service Provider for the corporation They set up (the all-cap “name”).  Service that corporation only when it is convenient.  If a warrant is issued for the corporation, do not provide the service of being a body.

Withdrawing consent is not all that must happen for Us to create better on this planet.  Enough of Us need to be aware that We CAN withdraw consent.  That there IS a better way of doing things.  To that end, I suggest You share awareness, often and avidly.  [smile]

*Some will say We contracted before birth for Out lot in life, but I suggest that that is an effort to convince Us there is no solution, and to just accept what They dish out; it is a very disempowering approach.  I am sovereign and live within three Laws only.  The three Laws of Ethics.  See link below. 


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