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The New York Occupy Wall Street protests have spread far from their point of origin in Zuccotti Park.

The Lower Manhattan encampment swarming with protesters ranging from students to socialists to slackers and celebrities is amassing support across the globe.

The "Occupy" website says the most important contribution you can make to the movement is to literally "donate yourself." But the swell of physical support is putting a strain on the basic resources necessary to sustain the anti-establishment protesters.

If you can't make the trip to downtown New York and offer a resounding chant of "Hip Hooray, Make the Corporations Pay," there are still ways to help out:

Donate money online:
The Occupy Wall Street site has a page regularly updated with requests. Donate here.

Donate money by mail:
Money orders (no cash, no checks) with "Occupy Wall Street" indicated in the memo line can be mailed to the Alliance for Global Justice:

Alliance for Global Justice
1247 "E" Street, SE
Washington, DC 20007

Donate showers and laundry:
The group continues to protest rain or shine. Sign up online to open your home to occupiers in need of a shower, shave and clean clothes.

The group accepts the follow donations of any size at their UPS Store shipping address:

The UPS Store
118A Fulton St. #205
New York, NY, 10038
C/O Occupy Wall St.

Donate groceries:
The community kitchen, which is providing meals for thousands, asks for vegan and gluten free non-perishables.

Donate food delivery:
The occupiers have set up a document with local delivery options. They request mainly vegan and vegetarian fare. See options here.

Donate books:
The on-site library, started and maintained by trained librarian Betsey Fagrin, is asking for books of any kind, to be enjoyed and shared by protesters in their downtime.

Donate medical supplies:
The makeshift hospital, manned by volunteers, is requesting "immune boosting supplements and tea," thermometers, and Epi Pens. For the protesters who ascribe to less conventional forms of medicine, "non-western" requests include raw garlic, ginger, Bavarian meat and tea tree oil.

Donate basic supplies:
The occupiers of the square have generated a twitter feed, #needsoftheoccupiers, to ask Occupy allies for help supplying more basic items ranging from Band-Aids to tampons, space blankets to tarpaulins. The group also needs clear plastic storage bins. See the full list.

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