Police rip clothes off of ‘Occupy Melbourne’ protester

Police rip clothes off of ‘Occupy Melbourne’ protester

Occupy Melbourne 'tent monster' stripped by police

A female protester has officially complained after police in Melbourne forcibly removed the tent dress she was wearing, leaving her nearly naked on the gound.
The woman, named Sarah, was one of several Occupy “tent monsters” who decided to wear their tents as a creative way to keep police from confiscating them.
In several videos posted to YouTube Monday, at least seven male and female Melbourne Council rangers began disrobing the young woman.

“This is not consensual,” Sarah said. “Don’t take my clothes off!”
The woman yelled as officers ripped and tore the tent dress until she was left in only her bra and panties. As she sat on the ground trying to cover herself, the police quickly turned and exited the park, neglecting to see if she was hurt.

Watch this video from seanbedlam, uploaded Dec. 5, 2011.

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