Worries Over Occupy Superbowl -Unions give hints of Super Bowl ruckus

Unions give hints of Super Bowl ruckus

– As the dysfunction in the Indiana House dragged on Thursday, worries over a Super Bowl protest began to rise.

Indiana is set to host one of the sporting world’s biggest events on Feb. 5.

Some think Democrats fighting a controversial labor bill are trying to drag out the debate until then so protests about the issue get maximum publicity.

Teamsters at the Indiana Statehouse on Thursday wore shirts with Super Bowl

XLVI circled and crossed out. And a familiar chant this week from union supporters was “Occupy Super Bowl.”

Protesters gather to oppose right-to-work legislation on Thursday outside the House chamber at the Statehouse in Indianapolis.
Fears of picket lines, manufactured traffic snarls and other protests are floating around the building. NFL Players Association Executive Director Demaurice Smith said in a national interview this week that players could participate in protests if it helps raise the level of the debate.

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