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#F29: Occupy Hits ALEC & Corporate America; Matt Taibbi Rips In...

via Rolling Stone

Today, #F29, a global day of action against a shadowy corporate front group called the American Legislative Exchange Commission (ALEC), has turned into a revitalization of the Occupy movement.

ALEC creates model legislation written to increase the profits of large corporations, and hands it off in secret to lawmakers who then introduce it as their own. ALEC has been responsible for some of the worst legislation on a variety of issues introduced into state houses in the past few years. This includes Scott Walker’s union-busting bill in Wisconsin, the anti-immigrant SB 1070 in Arizona, and other anti-labor and climate denial legislation.

ALEC has a rolodex of the worst corporations, like Exxon, Walmart, Pfizer, and BP, as its corporate members. That list also includes Bank of America, the largest forecloser of homes in the U.S. and the largest funder of coal in the U.S.

The Occupy movement is striking hard and fast and we are seeing environmental, social justice, and anti-capitalist activists across the country and world taking action against ALEC and its corporate members.


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