"Occupy Evansville protesters are following the lead of similar movements all over the country by setting up camp. Protesters have built a "tent city" in a Downtown Evansville park tonight despite the chance of criminal consequences.

About 25 people started pitching their tents at around two thirty this afternoon in preparation for an all night sit-in. But if the protesters aren't gone by the time the park closes, police say they could face criminal charges.

The Occupy movement sprouted up in Evansville about a month ago and has continued to gain momentum. Organizer Don Mottley says tonight the protesters are staging their second all-night sit-in at the park near the Four Freedoms Monument. Their mission, to make a statement about corporate greed, high utility rates and other issues.

But Mottley says police told him they would have to leave the park when it closes or face possible consequences. Evansville Police declined to speak on camera but filled us in on their plan.

First they would issue verbal warnings, second they'd begin writing citations, then they would start arresting any protester who refuses to leave. Mottley says he believes the could be possible because the Evansville movement is smaller than the larger displays in Oakland and New York City."




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Comment by Terry Bain on November 14, 2011 at 12:21am

"Last man standing at "OCCUPY EVANSVILLE" this morning at 6am when I checked on the site to see who survived. "JERRY CABELL", a disabled homeless Veteran who had joined in on our group earlier in the day, was still camped out in his sleeping bag on the sidewalk in front of the Pagoda when I got there. "THANK GOD FOR OUR VETERANS, THEY HAVE STAYING POWER". Treated him to a hearty breakfast from MIckeyD's. "POWER TO THE PEOPLE" ~~Bill Derr"

Comment by fishychick on November 14, 2011 at 6:18pm

Veterans like Jerry are indeed men of strong moral fiber. To [pretend that all our Veterans are cut from such from such fine cloth ignores the reality of the situation. Many decent young men join the military and come out twisted, and many twisted young men find their way to the military as a career, where their illness is passed off as chivalry. Men like Jerry would likely be the first to tell you that not all Veterans deserve respect for the service they performed. (The men and women running Abu Graib and Guantanimo are Veterans, too.)


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