OWS Website Bans Alex Jones “Conspiracy Theories”

Does anyone care to comment on this????

Kurt Nimmo
November 21, 2011 will ban people from posting on their forum if they “spam” the political philosophy of Alex Jones or David Icke, according to the website’s posting guidelines:

Conspiracy theories, including any attempt to spam material by David Icke, Lyndon LaRouche, David Duke or Alex Jones, will be removed immediately and the spammer will receive a swift global network ban. Fascist propaganda (including any attempt to spam these four people again), will be treated with the similar actions. In that we are very specific about what fascism is: the word has a meaning. bills itself as “the unofficial de facto online resource for the growing occupation movement happening on Wall Street and around the world,” according to the site’s “About” page.

It operated out of the Zuccotti Park encampment in Lower Manhattan, provided live video streams, and a “steady flow of updates on Twitter, and Tumblr” as well as Skype sessions with other demonstrators, according to Wikipedia.

This is not the first time the OWS crowd has attempted to exclude and silence those who do not agree with their collectivist message. In October, journalist Adam Kokesh was told he could not film an OWS “consensus” meeting held in a public park.

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Comment by fishychick on November 22, 2011 at 1:54pm

Divide and conquer rears its ugly head. Of course, if Alex Jones was not such an hysterical, fearmongering doofus it would help.... But the right to free speech is supposed to be at the heart of this movement. Looks a lot like someone missed that point.

Comment by MOD on November 28, 2011 at 11:57am

So what? A privately owned site can include or exclude what ever they wish. Should Aj be forced to cover topics that ows covers?


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