The 5 Highest-Paid American CEOs of 2011

The highest paid rogues in what is quickly becoming the greatest oligarchy in the world. The top five American criminals CEO are: 

1) John Hammergren, McKesson Corporation: $145,266,971. He runs the largest health care firm in the known universe (Gross revenues of $108.7 billion) his take from 2011’s stock options (part of his compensation) - roughly $469 million.

2) Joel F. Gemunder, Omnicare, $98,283,242. Omnicare provides "pharmaceutical care" for old people (sells meds to nursing homes). He retired in 2011 and received a severance package of $6 million and all his stock options valued up to $22 Million. His going away present from Omnicare was $133 million.

3) John Plant, TRW Automotive Holdings, $76,841,646. He was actually given a $2.5 million bonus for not leaving the company and $4.5 million for unspecified "additional factors." Sweet!

4) Frank Coyne, CEO Verisk Analytics Inc. $76,416,276. Verisk Analytics Inc. is the "leading source of information about risk." Over the 12 months ending September 30, 2011 Verisk earned gross profits of $765.08 million.

5) Thomas M Ryan, CVS Caremark Corporation. $68,079,823. From the Guardian: "Ryan made $50m on the pharmacy chain’s shares last year. During his 13 years as CEO the firm’s share price has halved." Heck I would have lost the money for them at half the cost.

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